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Green Ivy from the Roof

Building Science Consulting

Passive Building Experts

Build Zero Consulting is based in Houston, TX and St. Louis, MO and provides building science services for sustainable, energy efficient and innovative building solutions from early concept beyond construction for all types of buildings including commercial, institutional and residential all of the U.S.. Highest air quality for occupant comfort & health, resilience against the elements and energy efficiency to reduce the buildings energy use are key priorities in our work.


PhiusCon 2023 - Houston

Emissions Down, Power Up!
We are excited to be speaking at this year´s Passive House US Conference.
Please check out our talk if you're attending the event!


Carbon Neutral 2050

​There’s no greater challenge facing our nation and our planet than the climate crisis—and the writing on the wall is that in order to avoid its worst effects, we need to do everything we can to achieve President Biden’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  

Currently, nearly 40% of all carbon dioxide pollution comes from power plants burning fossil fuels to create the energy we use every day. That means we need to revolutionize how we generate and use electricity, by making renewable energy sources like wind and solar more abundant, more affordable, and more accessible to everyone. 

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