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Green Ivy from the Roof

Building Science Consulting

Passive Building & Net-Zero Energy Experts

Build Zero Consulting provides building science services for sustainable, energy efficient and innovative building solutions from early concept beyond construction for all types of buildings including commercial, institutional and residential in all of the U.S.. Specialized in Passive House and Net-Zero Energy buildings, our key priorities are energy efficiency to reduce the buildings energy use, highest air quality for occupant comfort & health as well as resilience against the elements.

Aiming Passive House certification or Net-Zero Energy performance? With over 15 years of Passive House experience, we offer a seamless and efficient process towards achieving your goals.

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Every First Friday of the Month

Phius 101 SOM June 2023.jpg

Phius 101 at SOM in NYC - Scaling Passive Buildings in the US


PhiusCon 2023 - Houston

Emissions Down, Power Up!
We are excited to be speaking at this year´s Passive House US Conference.
Please check out our talk if you're attending the event!


MA stretch-code that will require Multi-family buildings larger than 12,000 sf to be Phius Core or PHI certified under the residential specialized code requirements.

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