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  • Stefan Goebel

🌍 Build Zero Consulting’s Passive Building Accelerator

Base Line Building + Phius Principles = Phius Core + Renewables = Phius Zero

There are different ways to utilize photovoltaic in buildings; check out this interview with Michael Lackner (Pilkington Austria) on building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV).

Phius offers two certification tiers, Phius CORE and Phius ZERO.

  • Phius CORE is based on a per person net source energy reduction based on a global ‘fair share’ principle.

  • Phius CORE focuses on the foundation passive building principles, but only requires renewables if the ‘fair share’ source energy target is not met.

  • Phius ZERO is based on net-zero energy consumption per person (total renewable energy production equals or exceeds energy consumption).

  • Phius ZERO always requires renewable energy and is compatible with all renewable energy sources – on or off-site.

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