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The Flock

About Us

Build Zero Consulting provides building science services for sustainable, energy efficient and innovative building solutions from early concept beyond construction for all types of buildings including commercial, institutional and residential in all of the U.S..  As building science experts, engineers and architects , we specialize in energy modeling using multiple software packages including WUFI, WUFI Passive and the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) among others, to achieve cost optimized high performance buildings. We have extensive practical construction experience and deep understanding for the implication of the envelope assemblies & details and mechanical system to the whole building performance. This expertise paired with a culture that fosters innovation makes us a reliable partner to design and construct buildings that achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency,  occupant comfort & health, resiliency, and overall portfolio value. Regardless of project type, size or scope, our mission is to positively impact the lives of our clients and to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our communities and ecosystems.

Our Philosophy

We excel in helping our customers utilize the benefits from passive building tactics and energy modeling to transform buildings to the highest quality of design, energy efficiency, health and resiliency to significantly reduce or eliminate carbon emissions from buildings.

Meet Our Team


Stefan Goebel

Principal Consultant

Co-Founder of Build Zero Consulting, German-native Stefan Goebel, a certified Passive House Consultant, LEED Green Associate, Building Science Principle, has extensive knowledge in building science and more than 8 years’ experience in consulting on high performance building projects. Stefan has a bachelor's and master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Cologne, Germany. He feels strongly about the ever-increasing need for energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings and is working towards furthering the passive house movement in the US and particular Houston in his capacity as Vice President of the Passive House Houston chapter.

Ryan Headshot 4.22.JPG

Ryan Abendroth

Principal Consultant

Co-Founder of Build Zero Consulting, Ryan Abendroth is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) and an instructor for the Passive House Institute US' CPHC Curriculum. He has worked exclusively on low and zero energy projects since 2009 and feels strongly about the ever-increasing need for energy efficiency in buildings and has worked toward furthering the passive house movement as he believes in its ability to transform the conversation about the built environment in the United States.
Ryan holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His design education and research focused on energy efficiency and building science, which led to a thesis entitled ”A Critical Analysis of the Passive House Standard for the Climates of the United States.” This thesis helped lay the groundwork for the PHIUS+2015 Standard and the Building America Study which developed it.

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