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  • Stefan Goebel

Providing 24/7 fresh air supply without the energy penalty!

➡ The 4th Passive Building Principle: Balanced ventilation and heat recovery (these go hand-in-hand)!

Energy / Heat recovery ventilation is essential for passive buildings. It reclaims heat from the exhaust air on it’s way out and uses that heat to pre-treat incoming, fresh air. Enthalpy (or Energy) recovery ventilation (ERV) regulates humidity in addition to heat, HRV’s do not. By using an HRV or ERV, less energy is needed to heat or cool interior spaces.

ERV's are equipped with two fans, one that draws fresh air into your home (bedroom and living rooms) and one that pulls stale air out (kitchen and bathrooms). When these two airstreams pass through the ERV, a heat exchanger within the system transfers heat and moisture from one airstream to the other.

➡ Follow BuildZeroConsulting to learn more about building Passive and Net Zero Energy buildings.

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