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  • Stefan Goebel

Passive Building Standards are going mainstream and improve our communities. 

Just a few of many take-away from the Phius Policy Summit. 

Incentives exist to help facilitate meeting energy goals that state agencies have laid out to improve building stock and it is likely for Phius to be part of a state agency’s energy goal"

Check out the following programs in various states: 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

• Minneapolis Homes: Financing Program Guidelines

Seattle, Washington

• Seattle City Light 2021 Energy Conservation Incentives

Rhode Island

• Rhode Island Residential New Construction Program & Zero Energy Homes

New York

Buildings of Excellence


• Passive House Design Challenge

• Passive House Incentives


• Affordable Housing New Construction


• Eversource Passive House Incentives


• Incentives for Passive House Professional Training Program

• Visit the Phius Policy Database for more information!

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