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  • Stefan Goebel

How does an IECC 2018 building enclosure hold up against a Passive Building (Phius) Enclosure? And what matters most, U-Value, R-Value or Air Leakage?

➡ Check out this Phius Prescriptive Snapshot (Residential) to IECC 2018 residential and commercial enclosure comparison.

➡ While the U-Value for openings and R-Value for Roof, Wall and Slab differs, our experience working on various project types in all U.S. climates shows that in many cases air tightness in the building enclosure makes the biggest difference.

➡ Stay tuned as we are looking into the importance of air tightness in buildings and share strategies to achieve an air tight building envelope.

Please note, the Phius Snapshot is a first look at the potential building enclosure requirement. Whole building energy modeling will provide accurate insight on the climate specific, cost effective performance requirements.

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