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  • Stefan Goebel

Do you struggle to reduce your project's building energy use significantly? How about reducing it by 90%? Mitigating thermal bridging is a game changer?

In conventional buildings, code dictates our minimum R-values (Insulation levels) for buildings. In passive building, we use energy modeling to determine the right amount of insulation to meet conservation goals. 

The infrared image representing cold climate shows one house constructed to Passive House standards (in front - Blue, purple = little heat loss) vs a conventional build (back left - Red, yellow, orange = rapid heat loss). 

The resulting Passive House envelope demonstrates continuity of thermal resistance (insulation). 

Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule your AIA accredited Phius 101 (beginner level) or Phius 102 (advanced Passive House level on PH Cost Effectiveness) Register here: 

Join our monthly office hour to discuss your unique Passive Building questions (First Friday every month at 12pm Central time) starting February 2nd 2024. 

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